Saturday, July 5, 2014

Salad days for the warmongers

It's thumbs up and high fives all round as the big boys celebrate the state of weapon sales and current events.

Seldom has cynical warmongering achieved the momentum that we are witnessing today.

Commentators galore are castigating the Obama regime for "not doing enough" to help out the moderate Syrian rebels... to the point where Obama recently promised 500 millions in military aid to those imaginary "moderates".

That's another way of saying we're going to spend another half billion on weapons purchased from our most favoured domestic weapon suppliers, and turn them over to imaginary moderates, who will promptly turn them over to the very Jihadists we are supposedly fighting.

And that terrible awful Jihadi gang that we trained and financed and that then became the Islamic State, well, they're so evil now that we have to send the pretend government of Iraq, who we have also trained and financed, 4000 Hellfire missiles, which is of course a lovely cash injection for the Lockheed Martin war-profiteers, who are currently hemmoraging red ink over their signature war toy, the F-35.

Obviously, arming all sides in a conflagration we stirred up to begin with is a bonanza for arms suppliers. That's what happens when your foreign policy is dictated by Big Oil and the armaments industry.

Then we've got the Ukrainian mess. Luckily, that's turned into a shooting war, which can only help our beleaguered arms industry.

And let's not forget the most cynical warmongers of all, our Likud friends in Israel. Turns out the Netanyahu government knew all along that those three teen settlers were dead. They mounted that "bring back our boys" campaign knowing full well that those boys weren't coming back. But it was a great gambit for whipping up hate and fear, and by God, that can only be good for selling guns and bullets.

These are indeed the best of times for those who profit from the worst of times.

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