Monday, July 21, 2014

Gaza war is Netanyahu's Waterloo

Every observer not blinded by nationalistic jingoism or outright race hate predicted the disaster that Netanyahu has precipitated.

Even before the ground invasion, Israel was massively losing the PR war on a global scale. As long as one confines their news consumption to safe platforms in the usual Israel-first states like the US and Canada and a few others, it is possible to ignore that fact, but the fact is, those "telegenic dead" are making an impact.

With the ground invasion, Israel is losing not only the PR war, but the lives of Israeli soldiers as well.

This Haaretz article reflects the doubts that many Israeli's are having about the greatest leader since Moses. The writer knows that this war was instigated by Netanyahu. He knows that the so-called objective has morphed from stopping rockets to finding tunnels. He knows that the goal of pursuing this mission until there is "quiet" is unattainable without a complete re-occupation, and he knows that will entail many more Israeli lives lost.

And he knows that the Israeli public won't stand for it.

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