Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chainsaw Tai Chi

Me and the Farm Manager took the ferry over to Manitoulin yesterday, just as a day trip to get away from the morbidly intimidating to-do list around here.

We're on the 551 hard by Mindemoya Lake, having a lovely slow cruise of it, when I spot this guy doing what looks like Tai Chi, except he's got a chainsaw in his hands!


This is just some crazy shit to see, so needless to say I had to pull over and have a chit-chat.

Turns out the dude is a retired lumberjack. Tells me Tai Chi swept through all the logging camps on Manitoulin about 15-20 years ago. He says every morning the crew would gather round before breakfast and spend 45 minutes going through a Tai Chi routine with their chainsaws in hand!

Now that must be a sight to see...

But apparently injuries are down, productivity is up, and the wood they're cutting has a smooth grain and a mellow aroma...

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