Tuesday, July 1, 2014

As 100 million Nigerians struggle in poverty, Goodluck Jonathan spends $100,000/month for image makeover

Now that is some chutzpah!

Beset by scandals on all sides, from hundreds of billions in missing oil revenues to hundreds of missing girls to near-daily terror bombings, you'd think Mr. President would roll up his sleeves and get to work...

But you'd be wrong! Instead, Hardluck Jonathan has contracted with some really smart white folks in Washington DC, for some public image polishing in the lead up to the next elections! This will cost the long-suffering Nigerian tax-payers some $100,000 per month according to The Guardian.

While turd-polishing is a fine art in political circles everywhere, it is widely acknowledged that the masters of the universe operate inside the Beltway, and Goodluck is so far down on his luck that only the best of the best will do. Levick pride themselves on acting urgently today to avoid the uncertainty of tomorrow; whether that will be enough to save Noluck's skin remains to be seen.

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