Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ukraine horror deepens as Gaza horror remains invisible

Reuters is informing me that the US is pressing the case against Russia as the Ukraine horror deepens.

The "Ukraine horror" refers to those 298 unlucky souls who boarded a passenger jet that they had no idea would be flying through a war zone. That horror is the result of a civil war ceaselessly fomented by the "democracy promoters" in Washington.

The Gaza horror (400 plus killed, many thousands wounded, billions of damage to civilian infrastructure, tens of thousands displaced) is nowhere in Western media referred to as "horror", rather it is about Israel's "right to self-defence."

Apparently the wanton destruction of civilian infrastructure and wholesale murder of civilians is not in any way a horror.

Rather, it is the benign manifestation of an ethos that "values life."

And if you have any problems with that, you're obviously an anti-Semite.

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