Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Israeli security insider admits Israel "has been negotiating with Hamas for years"

Of course they have!

Efraim Halevy has unimpeachable credentials as an Israeli patriot. The former Mossad boss admitted today to the long history of negotiating with those who the political elite always claim cannot be talked to.

The 2012 Israeli assault on Gaza was launched with the assassination of Hamas boss Ahmed Jabari, who had been a frequent negotiating partner of elements in the Israeli security apparatus.

This is of course not the public image that Israel's political elite want to project. It is essential for them to maintain the "we don't talk to terrorists" narrative, especially for foreign consumption. The standard "no partner for peace" line has been a godsend over the years as international law and international opprobrium are ignored and the settlements relentlessly expand.

Common sense dictates that your enemies are the most important people to talk to, and while the politicians and their communication consultants deny it ever happens, behind the scenes it happens every day.

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