Friday, July 4, 2014

Obama gay? Michelle a man? Who cares?

It's the shitty policies that count.

What are Obama's signature policies?

Well, there's Obamacare, the only time in history that a government anywhere in the world has made it a law that folks have to buy health insurance from for-profit insurance providers.

Then there's ending the wars...

He just sent 700 Americans back into Iraq, so that's obviously not over.

And Afghanistan has never been over anyway...

And he certainly hasn't ended those other two wars, the ones on terror and on drugs.

So while there's plenty of folks getting their snot in a knot over Joan River's claim that Obama's gay and Michelle is his boyfriend, let's keep our eye on the ball.

If the Oracle of Nairobi could actually deliver on universal health care and ending wars, the think tank here at Falling Downs couldn't care less about his sexual orientation or the genitalia of his "wife".

Fail the President on his policy failures. There's enough to work with there without resorting to gratuitous homophobic slander.

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  1. What counts about that claim by Rivers is that it is one more aspect of fraud that adds to Obama's less-than-dignified track record. To pose as a straight man with a straight wife with two natural children when the opposite is true is a fraud ... he is pushing the LBGT issues, at the expense of more critical ones, which should clearly indicate his priorities, So depriving voters of his true situation is just a means of sneaking in to power knowing that the majority would not accept his sexual orientation ... then pushing an agenda. IF there is GAY PRIDE, why would he not have proudly announced his orientation during the election(s)?

    Like all things 'Obama' the facts of his life and history are concealed ... and yet he is quoted as saying that "anyone who doesn't disclose the truth has something to hide." Anyone with an ounce of sense has and can see that his administration is as secretive and untransparent as can be. So as he doesn't do what he says he will do; if what River's said is true ... he also isn;t what he said he is.

    It amazes me that anyone can still give Obama ANY 'benefit of the doubt' ... the reality of America today versus just a few years ago speaks for itself.