Sunday, July 27, 2014

Now that we have successfully democratized Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, let us bestow our blessings on Ukraine

Even the skeptics must admit that over-throwing a democratically elected government is a curious way of introducing democracy to a benighted land.

That's been the Nuland-Pyatt-Harper-Baird approach to Ukraine since well before the February Putsch.

The primary propaganda mills (WaPo, NYT, Globe & Mail etc.) have been keeping the pedal to the floor in the non-stop bullshit blitz to blame Putin and bury Western responsibility for the horrors unfolding in Ukraine.

The latest faux outrage is the MH17 debacle, which is the result of Putin himself personally shooting down that Boeing 777, a reasonable conclusion after following Western media coverage of the incident.

And if he didn't pull the trigger personally, it's still Putin's fault, because it happened near Russia.

Oddly enough, it is Putin who has consistently called for an independent investigation of the MH17 tragedy.

And even oddlier, just as a multinational Dutch-Australian-Malaysian investigative team is ready to deploy to Ukraine, after securing the permission of the rebels in the area, Poroshenko commences a ground war that renders the crash site out of bounds.


And where are those air traffic control recordings that the Kiev government seized in the hours after the downing of MH17?

Still being "investigated" by the Poroshenko team, apparently.

Hmm... deliberately preventing international investigators from reaching the crash site, suppressing the air traffic control records... you don't think the Poroshenko regime could have something to hide, do you?

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