Sunday, March 23, 2014

About that mysterious Vatican cocaine shipment

Here's a story that raises a few questions.

  • does all Vatican mail get routed through Germany?
  • is Vatican mail not subject to diplomatic immunity?
  • does the Bundespost publizice all suspicious packages or just those going to Rome?
  • what are the advantages of shipping "liquid" cocaine?
  • what is "liquid" cocaine?
  • where does that fanciful price for 300g of cocaine come from?
  • how often does a Vatican emissary travel to Liepzig to pick up the papal mail?
Sounds like it was a slow news day somewhere, and somebody thought they'd liven it up a little by putting the words "cocaine" and "Vatican" in the same story. After all, who do we know in the Vatican who is from South America, nudge, nudge, wink?...

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