Saturday, March 22, 2014

Having tossed the money-changers from the temple and rid the seminaries of pedophiles, Pope Francis turns his guns on.. THE MAFIA!

One thing you gotta say about this latest Pope is he knows how to sniff out the headlines.

Those "evil, blood-stained" mafiosi better mind their Ps and Qs 'cause His Holiness has got their number!

And while these ruminations may capture headlines, is this really the most dastardly problem facing Italy?

I would think not.

Perhaps he could say a few words against Italy's NATO membership; that is a gang of far more sinister designs than the mafia and a far longer list of victims

Perhaps he could address the fact that every day more souls drown trying to reach Italian shores than die in a given year of mafia violence.

Perhaps he could reign in the upstart Renzi before he gets too far down the road of sacrificing the nation at the altar of Mammon.

And if the recent vote of the Venetians to exit the Republic is a harbinger of things to come, there may soon be no nation left to pray for!

So focus on God's kingdom in Italy, and leave the gangsters to the devil...

Besides, I'm a little suspect about what's become of the money-changers and the pedophiles.

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