Friday, March 21, 2014

Canada PM Harper jets to Ukraine to offer illegal Yatsenyuk government advice on "rule of law"

Less than 24 hours after the coup that overthrew a democratically elected government in Ukraine and replaced it with the hand-picked US bumboy Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs had on its website a congratulatory press release that included this bit of weasel-speak;

Canada welcomes the appointment of a new government today in Ukraine. After the trauma of the past three months and the loss of so many lives, the appointment of a legitimate government is a vital step forward in restoring democracy and normalcy to Ukraine.

This does in fact tip the hand of the Harper gang in terms of their respect for democracy. Forget about it; legitimacy is conferred by appointment, not by the ballot box! And after the release of the infamous Pyatt-Nuland tapes, everybody knows who made the appointment.

But it's a done deal, and today Harper is off to spread best wishes among the "legitimate" rulers of the new albeit truncated Ukraine, led by the man who polled under 7% in the first round of the 2010 elections. Ah, but what's a few percentage points when you've got the votes that count in Washington!

Ironically, on the very day that Big Steve left to spread platitudes among the newly legit losers of Ukraine's last election, the Supreme Court of Canada had a few things to say about Harper's ham-fisted end-run around "rule of law" with the Marc Nadon Supreme Court nomination. If you recall, that was Harper's attempt to stack the Supreme Court with Harper-friendly stooges by nominating the unqualified Marc Nadon, and then trying to cover his tracks by retroactively changing the rules.

What they are in effect saying is, "hold the phone there, Big Steve... this ain't Ukraine!"

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