Saturday, March 8, 2014

North Korea and the Libyan militias - a match made in heaven?

Here's a story so improbable it's got to have some big-time grey market operators behind it. A few years ago I would have guessed Glencore, but they've gone legit.

Since the North Korean economy is virtually under house arrest, due to the sanctions and embargoes imposed by the Nations of Virtue, you'd wonder how that ship even got to the Mediterranean without making headlines.

You'd also have to wonder what was on it. Missiles for Gaza? By all accounts the rebels who hold the oil terminals in eastern Libya are open to virtually any kind of barter deal.

The comical "legitimate government" of Libya, currently operating out of a Tripoli hotel since it lost control of its own parliament building, is threatening to bomb the offending tanker. Given that the "legitimate government" has neither bombs nor airplanes to drop them, this may seem an idle threat. Unfortunately, it isn't.

While they may lack legitimacy and the wherewithal to drop a bomb, they're still capable of making a phone call to someone who could.

I'm guessing they have AFRICOM on speed-dial.

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