Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cooler heads flabberghasted as Netanyahu seizes opportunity to ratchet Middle East tensions even higher

Sensing at least a temporary victory over the sad-sack Abbas and the doofus Kerry, Netanyahu has decided this would be the perfect time to do what's generally been considered out-of-bounds since 1967; go for a direct strike on Syrian troops.

And why not? Assad's been busy enough trying to keep his head attached to his body. Kerry's been busy enough trying to save what little is left of US prestige after the Crimea debacle.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for one thing, when top IDF intelligence types routinely warn of hundreds of thousands of missiles pointed at every city and town in Israel, it may be more than a little foolhardy to risk finding out the hard way just how many of those hundreds of thousands of missiles can be stopped by Iron Dome.

As much as I hope I'm wrong, I think Iron Dome is going to be pretty much played out after the first fifteen minutes of a serious battle with the neighbours.

Then what?

Netanyahu is a spoiled child randomly tossing lit matches over his shoulder while he sits atop a tinderbox that could engulf the entire region within minutes.

His actions are criminally irresponsible and stupid in the extreme.

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