Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wiggins chokes, gives up b'ball to play for Leafs instead

Apparently the rumours that Wiggins was offered a tryout with the Maple Leafs after his inexplicable choke against Stanford are unfounded.

What the hell went on there? Stage fright? You wouldn't think so. Wiggins has had enough money games behind him that you wouldn't think the pressure would make a difference.

Maybe he just had a bad day.

Hopefully it's not a remake of the Carl English story.

Not that Carl has done that poorly for himself. Yes, it was a humiliation for the ages to watch that draft where Carl never got drafted, but it was the twats at CBC who engineered that, so don't blame Carl.

Carl just wanted to play hoops, and that's what he's been doing, and he's made a great living off of it. Maybe not a first-round NBA draft pick kind of living, but definitely a better living than virtually anybody he left behind in Newfoundland.

But for some reason I don't see Wiggins playing in Spain, regardless of his meltdown the other day.

Which was the exact same day that I fired up the F-150 for the first time in months! Yup, she's sat there under a snowbank since November. For a good part of that time there was no sign of her - just a bump in the big snow berm that accumulated in front of the garage.

A few warm days lately have melted enough snow that I could see a bit of red peeking though that snow berm. Three tires were flat.

But we got that taken care of and we're off to see the Leafs beat the Red Wings tonight!

And I hear Wiggins has got a spot on the D!

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