Saturday, March 8, 2014

Canada stands tall among the anti-democratic lackeys

Whether it's the knee-jerk denunciation of the Hamas election victory in Gaza, the celebration of the overthrow of an elected government in Ukraine, or the strident anti-Palestinian stance at the UN, Canada under the Harper gang has made a name for itself as a dependable member of the reactionary rump in international relations.

The latest example lies in voting against the overwhelming majority of OAS members who voted for a national dialogue in Venezuela. The only other OAS members to vote "no" were the US and that other reliable lackey to big power, Panama.

When the entirety of the South American continent votes "yes" for a measure intended to defuse a volatile political situation in South America, and Canada votes with the superpower that has been funding and fanning that volatility for years, we can conclude by the actions of our leaders where they stand on the question of "democracy".

Democracy is a great thing as long as folks vote the right way.

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