Friday, March 7, 2014

As Canadians cut and run from Afghanistan, top General admits Taliban still have "some influence"

When you read this, you realize that Maj-Gen Dean Milner is the kinda guy who is going places.

Nosiree, the Afghan adventure has not been an abject failure!

Nosiree, the Afghan adventure has been well worth every one of those 158 Canadian dead.

Just look at all those Afghan schoolgirls going to school!

The Major General's ruminations are beyond pathetic. The last time Afghan schoolgirls went to school in significant numbers was in the bad old days when Afghanistan was aligned with the Soviet Union.

That's when Afghan women were university professors and lawyers and cabinet ministers.

But we fixed that good.

It was the US who brought the neanderthal Talib fundamentalists to prominence.

Milner's comments need to be read against a background of previous proclamations from Canada's do-gooders.

It was General Hillier who got himself way offside with his uncouth remarks about killing those Taliban scumbags. To hear him talk, you'd think he and his ubermensch crew were gonna have those Talibs sorted out within weeks.

That was followed by numerous proclamations from Big Steve himself about how Canada does not cut and run etc.

All the while, the complacent Canadian media played a patriotic background role, cheering on the cheerleaders and celebrating kites and bicycle paths in Kabul.

Which brings us to the present moment.

The Major General in charge of Canada's retreat claims we have won a great victory.

But he acknowledges that the Taliban, Hillier's "murderers and scumbags," still have some influence.

Sorry Mr. Milner.

It's not that they have "some influence."

They won the war.

You lost.

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