Sunday, March 2, 2014

Israelis to build guard towers on US border

John McCain welcomes the news that the "fence" between Arizona and Mexico is to be fortified with guard towers by an Israeli contractor.

Apparently there are no contractors in America capable of such work, and the Israelis are globally acknowledged masters.

Who knew?

But according to this article and plenty similar, the fancy guardtowers are coming a few years too late. There's more Mexicans heading south across that border now than there are heading north.

That's a sure sign that we're getting damned close to that "level playing field" promised by the NAFTA pushers twenty-five years ago. In other words, Mexicans are staying in Mexico because there are more and better job opportunities in Mexico than in America.

So what's the purpose of that fence?

It's to keep you out. Mexico would never stand for hundreds of thousands of Gringos wading across the Rio Grande to steal jobs from Mexicans.

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