Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The "skilled worker shortage" hoax unravels

Here is yet more proof that the vaunted "skilled worker shortage" has been little more than a Harper-gang scam to flood the country with temporary foreign workers.

They're here in the hundreds of thousands. Their presence keeps Canadians underemployed, unemployed, and keeps downward pressure on Canadian wages.  The government could never get away with this if they told the truth about it, which is why we've had the on-going pitch about the imaginary labour shortage for years and years.

That's also why the much bally-hooed "skills training" initiative has never been anything other than TV ads promoting a program that doesn't exist. Gives the stunned Canadian voter the illusion that their government is doing something for them.

That's democracy, Harper style. Give the rubes the illusion that you're doing something for them, and all the while work behind their backs to bring in more of those hard-working folks from places where a shipping crate is considered a middle-class home.

At least those folks appreciate a $12/hr job when they get a crack at one.

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