Sunday, March 2, 2014

Top Putin-haters hyperventilate across Sunday morning talk shows

America's top finger-waggers and table-thumpers were busy wagging and thumping their way across the full CBS/ABC/CNN/FOX spectrum this morning.

Albright, Brzezinski, Kerry, Rubio etc etc .....

The only dissenting voice in the torrent of Russophobia was a brief spot given to Professor Stephen Cohen of Princeton, whom the network bookers must have gotten confused with the more famous Steve Cohen of Connecticut.

The most hilarious quote of the day comes from John Kerry; "Russia is behaving in a 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretexts."

Golly! America hasn't behaved in such a fashion since... since the 21st century!

There is of course only one reason the American Empire crowd hates Putin. After the demise of the USSR it looked like we were on the cusp of a new thousand year Reich that would revolve around the American sun. It was the end of history as we knew it.

More than any other individual, it has been Vladimir Putin who has ruined the party, something the American Plutocracy and their allies can never forgive.

And something the rest of the planet should be grateful for.

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