Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Christians again dominate Canada's billionaire list

What the heck is going on?

Thanks to diversity and multiculturalism etc I thought Canada was a level playing field. Maybe it is, but the closer you get to the top the more you seem to see an over-representation of Christians.

We've raised this concern before. All that's changed in two years is that one more non-Christian has made Canada's top ten. But in that top ten you have to go most of the way down the list to find one of them.

The entire exercise of "billionaire lists" seems a little dubious to me. The very fact that we have billionaires in our society tells me our tax regimine is woefully inadequate. Yes, there are sound reasons for rewarding some members of society more than others...

Meritocracy is a great concept.

But absolutely no one is that meritorious that they should be rewarded a thousand fold more for their contribution to our world than the schmuck who fixes your car or opens your pool.

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