Sunday, March 9, 2014

The nerd agenda for world domination

Don't laugh.

The nerds already have the tool.

It's called "meta-data".

The technology is already in place for the big guns (facebook, google, your cell-phone service provider) to follow your every move.

Ya, I hear the smarty-pants prepper crowd crowing about how they're invisible to the stealth rays of the digital panopticon because they leave no tracks.

Not for long, my friends!

We're just a tech shift or two away from having every drivers licence and every visa and passport and every birth certificate be scannable by the princelings of techology.


All that stuff their companies vacuum up becomes part of that big meta-data motherlode in the sky.

The folks at the NSA and similar spook agencies around that world then mine that meta-data as required.

It'll never be required for law-abiding citizens who stand up and sit down when they're told.

But those degenerates who insist on independent thinking and rattling their cages will be in for a rude awakening.

Once the digital panopticon can track seven billion plus clients in real time, it won't be hard to root out those free-thinkers.

Nor will it be difficult to walk through their histories and collect every bit of incriminating evidence long after the fact.

The nerds have everything you ever did or said recorded on that big meta-cloud in the sky.

If you think that's unlikely, remember that a lot of these guys were considered nerds too;

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