Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mali coup leader abandons hunger strike because "tummy hurts"

What else is there to read between the lines of this story?

You will recall that Captain Amadou Sanogo first took power in an accidental coup a couple of years ago. He and a few mates get shit-faced one night and have a drunken whoop-up at their barracks, staggering about firing their machine guns in the air and drunkenly baying for regime change.

The hapless civilian President catches wind of this, figures it's the real thing, and high-tails it for the border.

Next day Sanogo and his pals wake up from their drunken stupour and find out that they've taken over the country! For real!

Against his better judgement, the US-trained Sanogo decided to run with it, at least for a little while. For his troubles he's now been tossed into the brig while the French liberators figure out what to do with him.

Here's a bit of advice for Francios Hollande, who has been desperately casting about for a Mali exit strategy:

Three Point Plan for Mali Exit

  1. Declare Mali a constitutional monarchy.
  2. Declare Captain Sanogo the "King".
  3. Wish him well and get the fuck out of there!
Sounds like a plan to me!

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