Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ford Nation claims it has Bill Blair sex tapes

The long-simmering feud between Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Chief of Police Bill Blair has exploded with the revelation that Ford Nation has in its possession tapes that show the Chief in several dozen compromising positions with semi-naked women dressed up as prison camp internees.

That might go a long way towards explaining why Blair has been reluctant to pursue any sort of case against His Worship, in spite of the vast treasure trove of raw material he has to work with.

Our global network of undercover operatives has a mole deep inside Ford Nation, a mole who has seen the tapes, and she says Blair has nothing to worry about.

"That's not Bill Blair, it's Max Mosley," she confidently asserted. "Believe me, I've seen both of them naked and I know who's who!"

The Gawker website immediately cancelled the fund raiser they had organized to purchase the Blair sex tapes.

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