Sunday, March 2, 2014

Socialist union threatens job opportunities for new graduates

Don't let that "Association" bit in their name fool you; the Canadian Intern Association is a "union" plain and simple.

And what does this union have its knickers in a twist over? Why, the time-honoured practice of giving recent graduates a chance to work!

Yes, many generous and community-minded conglomerates across the land give recent graduates the opportunity to gain some work experience by hiring them as interns. Interns are unproven products of a highly suspect education system, and the internship experience is a valuable tool in separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

That's true for both the intern and the employer. After a year or two working in an unpaid internship, an aspiring journalist may conclude that working for this or that particular media conglomerate isn't everything it's cracked up to be. They are then free to go on their way with a reference and some valuable work experience on their CV.

That reference and that work experience can go a long way in beating out all the other candidates for the next unpaid internship.

Likewise, if you're a financially shaky media conglomerate struggling to pay off those bondholders who restructured you a few years ago, those unpaid interns are a blessing from the heavens! They get a reference, you get free labour for a year or two.

That's called a win-win in my world!

But as always, no sooner has the free market created a beautiful and efficient job distribution mechanism that truly works, than the whining socialist party-poopers are banding together trying to wreck it!

One can only hope that the Harperites collectively stop their ears and ignore the bleatings of these socialists.

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