Friday, March 28, 2014

Floundering Erdogan lashes out at YouTube over false flag expose

Just days after an attempted ban on Twitter spectacularly backfired, the wily Turk PM Erdogan found himself forced to ban YouTube.

Why? Because YouTube had posted a recording of high-level Erdogan insiders planning a false flag operation in Syria. The plan was to send a small team of Turkish special forces into Syria and fire a few rockets at Turkey, thereby giving the Turkish military an excuse to move into Syria.

Obviously those years of close cooperation with the IDF were not for naught!

Naturally enough, Team Erdogan is doing its level best to pin this latest embarrassment on Team Gulen, which I think misses the main point. Yes, it would be an outrage to think that ones enemies have such insider access that they could record the particulars of this discussion, but the real embarrassment is that they were having such a discussion in the first place!

And banning YouTube is just another desperate act from a leader who has little else to offer. We said it here two years ago; Erdogan will be long gone while the evil Assad next door remains in power.

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