Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Heebie jeebies in the Holy Land

All is not well on Planet Bibi.

While Netanyahu has spared no rhetorical flourish in milking the miracle of the Iranian missile shipment, he has yet to explain why anyone should give a rat's ass about 40 missiles allegedly headed for Gaza, when top IDF intelligence boffins routinely claim that a minimum of 170,000 rockets and missiles or more are at this very moment targeted at every city and town in Israel.

Then there's the matter of those US-orchestrated "peace talks." Most thinking people realized from the beginning that these talks were dead in the water from the get-go, but spare us the nonsense about Palestinian inflexibility! Listening to Netanyahu one could be forgiven for concluding that it must be the Palestinians' illegal construction of thousands of housing units inside the Green Line that has derailed the peace process.

And things went from bad to worse when Netanyahu had to apologize for the murder of Jordanian judge Raed Zeiter at a border crossing by trigger-happy IDF soldiers the other day. How were they supposed to know that the guy was a judge, and that this otherwise routine killing would attract international opprobrium?

On top of all that schmerz, you now have the Committee for the Fight against Poverty making it plain to all the world that if you think Israel is the land of milk and honey, you'd best bring along your own milk and honey, because otherwise you're screwed.

Oh dear! Whatever is the greatest leader since Moses to do?

I'm guessing Netanyahu will hew close to his traditional "the best defence is a heavy-handed offence" strategy.

Don't panic, folks; plans for Lebanon III are well advanced!

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