Sunday, March 2, 2014

The seeds of Israel's destruction

The state of Israel is never going to be destroyed by an Iranian nuclear weapon.

Nor is it at anything more than the most superficial risk from Hamas.

The Arab nation-states in the neighborhood have been cowed into acquiescence for years, and most of them now connive with the state of Israel in keeping their own minorities mute and submissive.

Anything the Muslim "enemies" may throw at Israel, it can survive.

But it cannot survive this. Over half a million ultra orthodox gathered today to protest modifications to the conscription laws that would end the free pass they have long enjoyed from compulsory military service.

On the face of it, I've always thought that branded them as shirkers and opportunists hiding their cowardice behind supposed religious ideals.

I'm not so sure anymore.

Being a non-religious person, this is a little difficult to admit, but I'm coming round to the view that we need more young men of military age studying religious texts instead of lining up for their haircut and kit.

Not just in Israel, but everywhere.

How many "volunteers" would the US Army find in Kentucky and North Carolina and West Virginia if the state offered those kids a living stipend to stay home and study the Bible instead?

Let's universalize the heredi experience. Let's have ALL young men of military age, all around the world, study holy texts instead of serving in armies.

The atheists could smoke dope and recite Bob Dylan lyrics.

What a wonderful world it would be!

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