Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nairobi Gay Pride Parade cancelled

Till further notice. The duly elected representatives of the people have promised to have another look at the matter in a hundred years or so...

Pan-African homophobia is one of the few cultural facts that can be declared as truly pan-African these days. Aden Duale speaks for the "silent majority" of Africa when he puts his bona-fides on the table.

As any right thinking African knows, and as all those really smart white missionaries have been telling them for 400 years or more, homosexuality is a crime against God and a crime against the natural order.

While I don't mean to over-generalize, that's a bit of foolishness that fits right in there with other common African cultural facts like
  • we can't develop without the aid of the white man
  • we're backward
  • we need help
  • we can't feed ourselves without foreign aid
  • Bwana is just so much smarter than us folks
  • etc etc etc...
Bubbling merrily to the surface just below that level of official black deference to white colonial culture is a vigorous Afro-centric counter-culture that happily says "bullshit" to all of the above.

Look up virtually anything Binyavanga Wainaina has ever written and you'll find an entre into a world where real Africans know that the picture our mainstream media has painted of them doesn't resemble them in the least.

And he is far from being the only one...

It's just a matter of time before the Africans realize they're better off, far better off, without the "help" of the white man.

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