Sunday, March 30, 2014

Turk vote; Erdogan claims victory as opposition claims fraud

And from this distance, you really don't know who to believe.

There is no question that Erdogan maintains massive popular support. There is also no question that he faces massive popular opposition.

Is this what "democracy" comes down to?

Competing claims for popularity?

Erdogan's position is a little more complicated than most. He's been targeted by a lot of former allies for being tied too closely to the Muslim Brotherhood. At the same time he remains a NATO ally. At the same time, his NATO ally the US is busy nurturing the "international imam of mystery" Fethullah Gulen.

Erdogan was drawn deeply into the civil war next door with all sorts of assurances from his betters that they had his back.

Now that it's obvious that the great Syria gambit has been a resounding flop, "having his back" means sooner or later sticking a knife in it and making Erdogan the fall guy for everything that has gone wrong with the NATO plan for Syria.

Erdogan is up a stump. All but abandoned by his NATO buddies, he is being left to fend for himself.

Desperate men take desperate measures.

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