Monday, March 10, 2014

US special forces to liberate Libyan oil terminals?

After the Nations of Virtue left Libya to freedom and democracy and complete chaos a couple of years ago, the travails of that benighted land have flown soothingly under the radar of Western media.

That's changing fast.

Why? Not because the country is bankrupt and ungovernable, but because bad guys are stealing oil that rightfully belongs to American oil companies.

State Department mouthpiece Jen Psaki initially claimed that the unauthorized shipping of Libyan oil by the North Korean tanker "Morning Glory" was a "theft from the Libyan people."

Realizing immediately that concern over the Libyan people would induce no more than yawns around the Beltway, she then got to the nitty gritty; the oil really belongs to the National Oil Company and its partners which include US companies!

Now that's something the boys at AFRICOM can sink their teeth into!

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