Saturday, March 29, 2014

Leaf's still suck and it's still Burke's fault

Mini-Burke Dave Nonis has held a steady-as-she-goes course in Toronto since the departure of his mentor Brian Burke.

That's translated into continuing the Burke strategy of building the team around Phaneuf and Kessel.

It's probably fair to say Burke lost his job for that misguided strategy, so why Nonis would want to continue it is a mystery to me. Maybe he's keen to join Brian in the Calgary rebuild.

In any case, he's not shown himself as anything other than Burkie Lite in Toronto.

Both Phaneuf and Kessel are starters on any NHL team, but neither of them are guys who you should be building a team around. Ultimately it's not fair to them either. That was obvious two years ago or more, and the fact that Nonis is sticking to a tested and failed strategy tells you that he needs to go too.

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