Sunday, March 23, 2014

Michelle Obama preaches internet freedom in China!

Isn't that a hoot!

Yes, every one of those Chinese has a God-given right to freely peruse the internet, whenever and wherever... and America of course has a God-given right to track everywhere they go and everything they do.

Hey, freedom comes with responsibility; it's a two way street. They get freedom and we have the responsibility to monitor them.

Ironically, at the very moment Michelle was promoting internet freedom in China, her hubby was hunkering down with a room full of tech biz big dogs sorting out just who has what responsibility for violating internet freedom around the world.

On Obama's agenda; data-mining, security, privacy, and surveillance. Almost sounds like the exact opposite of what Michelle is promoting in China!

Such delicious juxtapositioning of news stories risks waking Orwell from the dead.

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