Saturday, March 1, 2014

Obama consults with Hollande, Harper on Ukraine

No, I didn't make that up; that's an actual headline from the Voice of Russia website.

Can't help but wonder what insights those two might have to offer.

Hollande might advise him to look before he leaps. After all, Hollande couldn't get into Mali or the CAR quick enough. Now he can't get out.

Consulting with Big Steve is an even greater mystery. True, Harper did have a team in Kiev to meet the new non-elected leaders the other day. Could Obama be trying to get a read on the new leadership?

Not likely. Judging by the contents of the infamous Nuland-Pyatt tape, the Obama administration is already well acquainted with their new leaders in Ukraine.

I think Obama just wants to make sure Big Steve has his back in case the gloves come off over this Crimea thing.

Either that or he's just sorting out who is going to pay as the US Navy tows the flagship of the Royal Canadian Navy into Pearl Harbour.

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