Saturday, March 22, 2014

Manitoba has hillbillies... who knew?

This story about hillbillies spending a Manitoba winter living in a tipi caught my eye.

I had no idea they had hillbillies in Manitoba.

German-speaking agrarian Christian communes I knew about.

Oodles of Nordic immigrants who were drawn in by the promise of six months of winter every year I knew about.

Some of the most wretched concentrations of urban native poverty in all the land I knew about.

But hillbillies? I didn't know about that. Then you read the fine print; they're from Ontario!

That explains it.

Just passing through...

Ciara and Bill obviously have better things to do than sit around in Ontario bemoaning the lack of opportunities for young people. They're walking across the land in pursuit of their dreams.

Good on them!

If you're ever back this way we can put you up with a campsite down along the creek. Stay as long as you need to.

And good luck chasing your dreams!

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