Friday, March 28, 2014

Foreign Minister John Baird re-invents Canadian history

John Baird's Department of Foreign Affairs has a press release on its website today that includes this whopper;

"One of Canada’s oldest and most basic values is supporting a sovereign state’s territorial integrity,” said Baird.

Oh really?

Didn't Canada just take leave of a NATO mission in Afghanistan that had everything to do with propping up a NATO-installed stooge and nothing to do with that sovereign state's integrity?

And where was Canada when our bestest besties in the whole world were egregiously violating the territorial integrity of Lebanon in 2006?

Where were the protests from the Canadian government when the other best friends were laying waste to the territorial integrity of Iraq?

And wasn't Baird himself photographed autographing a bomb to be delivered by Canadian jets to Libya in the egregious violation of that sovereign state's territorial integrity in 2011?

But suddenly "supporting a sovereign state's territorial integrity" is a cherished Canadian value of long standing?

I think what he meant to say was "we're a bunch of dumbshits who get our talking points from Washington and Tel Aviv. Apart from that, we don't really stand for much of anything, but if a few of of our mining conglomerates or oil companies can make a buck, we're in!"

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