Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Al Jazeera now tithes the same corporate Gods as Wapo and NYT, so why should their stories diverge?

Why indeed? And they don't!

The Gulf protectorates that have thrown their lot in with this latest assault on Islam have nothing to lose. They are fake states, propped up by US military power, for the simple reason that they have oil and use their oil money to buy weapons from the US military-industrial complex.

All of them face seething discontent within their own populace.

None of them are even remotely "democratic."

These are America's latest allies in this war on the latest evil...

Here's Al Jazeera's latest take on this crisis; ISIL crisis, everyone's a winner.

Writer James Denselow informs us that everybody hates ISIS. Yes indeed, that is no doubt the reason ISIS has enjoyed exponential growth over the past year. Everybody hates it.

This is not journalism; it is seriously delusional propaganda.

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