Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Boobs on the ground" - America's puerile fascination with women warriors

Not since the PR assault of Guevara the Syrian sniper babe have we seen such an outburst of orchestrated foolishness as was sparked this week by the supposed exploits of UAE Air Force pilot Major Maria al-Mansouri.

In case you missed it, al-Mansouri "led" a squadron of UAE fighter jets in an attack on Islamic State forces in Syria, thereby proving the superiority of the Western way of life.

In fact, former CIA number two and current CBS talking head Michael Morell cited her exploits on Face the Nation this morning as "proof" that moderate Islam does in fact exist!

Yes, America, there are indeed "good" Muslims. They are the ones who follow American orders and drop bombs on bad Muslims. The bad Muslims are the ones who don't follow American orders.

Wrapping this noxious philosophy in a photogenic female portrait helps take the mind off the rancid stench emanating from American foreign policy in the Middle East. The UAE would be a backward non-entity were it not blessed/cursed with massive oil resources, which its ruling elite happily squanders on massive weapons deals with the West. In terms of human rights, freedom of speech, and the whole nine yards of cherished Western-style markers of modernity, the UAE ranks somewhere between Libya under Gadaffi and Iraq under Sadam, but they've sent a female fighter pilot to help fight evil in Syria, so they're obviously great!

Unfortunately for Major al Mansouri, her heroic kowtowing to America is not universally appreciated, even among her people. Seems that her own family has disowned her and instead voiced their support for the Islamic State.

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