Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The very moment Poroshenko loses all hope for a NATO intervention, France cancels warship contract

That was an odd bit of political sleight of hand, wasn't it?

After playing the "we are being invaded by Russia" card again and again, with absolutely no credible evidence emerging to support the claim, and not one iota of Western support, beyond the strictly rhetorical (see the Harper, Baird, Tusk file) on the horizon, Poroshenko decides a peace plan might be a good idea.

Even corn-fed hillbillies up here in the Bruce knew from the beginning that nobody was going to war over Ukraine.

But NATO knows back-room arm-twisting like nobody else. The weakest link at the moment is lame-duck Hollande, whose poll ratings have dived so low that a syphilitic Parisienne prostitute could easily oust him in the next election.

Just when Poroshenko, a NATO stooge through and through, is ready to make peace with Putin, we get the lamest of lame Euro-pols throwing a spanner in the works by announcing the cancellation of that multi-billion warship contract.

Both Poroshenko and Hollande have just sealed their fate. They are men of the past.

Leaders of the future will join Putin in forging relationships that are mutually beneficial for the people of all countries concerned, instead of pursuing policies for the benefit of Monsanto and the fracking lobby.

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