Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nevermind the Tar Sands; Canada is a "global clean energy leader!"

It's no wonder Big Steve ducked out of his turn at the podium at the UN Climate Change Summit and instead left the hapless Leona Aglukkak to uncork this whopper before a global audience.

That declaration of leadership no doubt left many a head shaking in disbelief.

Obviously, Big Steve really has a hate on for his environment minister.

But not to worry, Leona; BS from Big Steve is no longer considered remarkable by any observers who have followed the decline of Canada's reputation on the world stage.

As a habitual reader of Foreign Affairs press releases, I already know that Canadian leadership in improving nutrition for the less fortunate means shoving Monsanto down the throats of the "developing" world.

Canadian leadership in promoting "sustainable development" in the benighted lands really means forcing our mining companies on them.

Our trade agreements that have been pursued willy-nilly by the Harper gang are not about trade at all, but about tying our trade partners into a legal regime that favours corporate rights over sovereign rights.
We lead the world, in the Harper era, in signing away sovereignty via these noxious "trade agreements."

So in the Orwellian world of Canada under Harper, yes, there is no doubt that by being the biggest source of the dirtiest energy, we are indeed a "leader" in clean energy...

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