Monday, September 29, 2014

Netanyahu gives Nazi salute at UN


Well here's a "Sieg heil" right back at ya, Mr. Netanyahu!

Mr. Netanyahu has done more than anyone else to transform the State of Israel, aka the Holy Land, into the quintessential fascist state.

Think about it...

Every citizen (well, except those religious shirkers and those Arab citizens who we all know aren't really "citizen" citizens because, well, you know...) has to do their time in the IDF.

Then, after you do your time in the IDF, the nature of your service will determine your "life chances."

After that, you can parlay that IDF service into a decent post in a military tech start-up, or even an non-military tech start-up, because nothing opens doors in the Israeli job market like having the word "Captain" or "Major" in front of your name.

Never mind the Generals!

They are each and every one bound for greatness!

No matter how useless and retarded they actually were!

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