Saturday, September 27, 2014

How Obama's war on Syria will ignite WW III

We've seen more than enough hoo-hah about ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State. Apparently these monsters are the most evil of evil-doers ever to do evil anywhere on the planet.

Fact is, they are 100% the creation of the coalition of the retarded now lining up to degrade and destroy them.

Yup, it's another artificial conglomeration of Muslim fanatics, created and financed by the Nations of Virtue, just like the Taliban and al Qaeda.

And just like the Taliban and al Qaeda, they've slipped their leash and are now our enemy.

If this sounds like a beautiful make-work project for America's military-industrial complex, it's because it is.

But what's different this time, is that our Frankenstein threatens the only democracy in the Middle East.

You know the one; the only country in the Middle East with a nuclear arsenal to back up its democratic ideals.

So once the Hashimite Kingdom is down for the count, and the billions of dollars worth of US armaments stashed in Jordan fall into the hands of the Islamic State, the Islamic State will have its western border on the River Jordan.

Right across from those Palestinian territories that Israel has been illegally occupying and colonizing since 1967.

What do you suppose will happen then?

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