Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's a fucked-up world, but I'm on top of it baby!

A tip of the cap to the great Detroit home-boy, Iggy Pop, for those words...

But if Iggy can be on top of it, you can too!

Look around you.

The entire NATO orchestra is looking to orchestrate a war in Ukraine...

With Russia!

On top of the multiple inter-linked wars they are orchestrating in the Middle East.

And this on the back of their abject failures in Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan?

Nevermind just saying no to drugs...

It's time to just say no to stupid wars that multiply our enemies, enrich our warmongers, and doom us to lots more stupid wars in the future.

Time to stay home and get our own house in order.

Let's get on top of it, baby!

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