Sunday, September 21, 2014

Facing the Nation with your head up your ass

I tuned in Face the Nation this morning to see who Bob Schieffer had on deck to explain the latest manoeuvres in America's never-ending war on terror/al Qaeda/ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State etc. After all, Obama has promised to unleash the forces of good to dispatch the evil-doers out of our Middle Eastern oilfields once and for all .

Sure enough, Mr. Schieffer has a good solid line-up of heavy hitters waiting in the wings to wax wise on the threat to freedom posed by these brutal radicals that America has been funding, arming, and training for years; Feinstein, Mike Rodgers, Lieberman, Robert Kagan, and former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell.

As a long-time fan of America's Sunday morning propaganda shows, I pretty much know what to expect. Disagreement among the expert guests will be about whether or not Obama is doing enough, soon enough, and how long it might take, and whether the deed can be done without American "boots on the ground."

Every one of them will take it for granted that it is America's right, nay, America's DUTY, to crush these barbaric savages who (insert heinous outrage here).

None of them will question that American exceptionalism confers on the US the right to destroy entire nations and peoples in the pursuit of those quintessentially and uniquely American values, freedom and democracy.

All of them will be totally oblivious of the fact that Obama's latest escalation in this endless war on Muslims, this war that America has been losing on every front it has opened up, is just the latest milestone in America's long lazy slide into the abyss.

So it should be an important show...

But that's all later... first we have to talk about the NFL and domestic violence!

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