Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Failed State Britain sees war with Russia as panacea for domestic collapse

Cameron and Hammond are gung-ho for war with Russia.

They're the only NATO bosses who talk a bigger game than perpetual war-mongers Tusk, Harper, and a couple of the Baltic pipsqueaks.

Not hard to see why the prospect of war is attractive to the dumbshits at Whitehall. Britain has been in a one-way death-spiral ever since the Thatcher era. It's a great place if you're a bond-trader in the City or a plumber from Poland or a beggar from Bulgaria, but not so great for those ordinary folks formerly known as "Brits".

In fact, somebody recently did the math and concluded that if Britain were an American state, it would be the poorest state with the possible exception of Mississippi, and there are a gaggle of Mississippi economists taking issue with that.

So with un-earned riches from North Sea Oil dwindling, an ossified political elite who believe in nothing other than their own privileges, and an exponentially expanding underclass that will only remain "under" for so long,
that elite is prepared to push the world into war just to avoid the consequences of the last forty years of governmental dysfunction and horrendously wrong-headed policies.  

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