Monday, September 8, 2014

Putin's Air Force intimidates Canadian Navy

Yup, it's true. Read all about it right here.

I personally feel a special kinship with this story, because my hands helped build the HMCS Toronto.

So what the hell is the Russian Air Force doing intimidating the Canadian Navy right there in the Bay of Fundy?

Oh... wait a minute... the Russian Air Force was intimidating the Canadian Navy in the Black Sea, not in the Bay of Fundy?

Hmm... I'm giving that globe on my desk a good spin, and it looks to me like the Black Sea is way closer to Russia than it is to any place the Canadian Navy would have any conceivable business sailing around in...

Maybe the HMCS Toronto is over there as part of a NATO plot to intimidate Russia?

I guess we can conclude from this story that the "intimidate Russia" strategy isn't working.

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  1. About time Canada stopped kissing the USA and NATO's ass. Evil pedophile political pricks.