Friday, September 19, 2014

After saving Africa from Africans, Hollande the Conqueror turns gaze on saving Middle East from Arabs

Hollande may be drowning in the polls, but he must be rising in the estimation of the esteemed BHL.

It was BHL after all, the man who saved Libya, who egged on the hapless Hollande in his pursuit of those mythical "spurs." And for Hollande, nothing else matters so long as he has the regard of the great BHL.

But those poll numbers are astonishingly dismal. Hollande has actually had the distinction of being named the worst politician in the world!

That can't possibly be fair... have those pollsters not heard of Stephen Harper? Or Bobby Mugabe?

Nevertheless, it is now estimated that if an election were held in the near future, both Le Pen and Sarkozy would make mincemeat of the hapless Hollande.

Be that as it may, the Conqueror has moved on from his rout of the evil-doers in Africa. Yes, there are still some loose ends to tie up, but by and large, African resources in the CAR and Mali have been made safe for democracy.

Thankfully, that has freed up the resources of the Republic to bring peace and freedom and democracy to Iraq yet again, as if they haven't had enough already.

No doubt Hollande is hoping for a bump in his polling numbers from this bold new venture.

Fat chance.

Does he not realize that there are more Arab immigrants in France than in any other of the Nations of Virtue?

He thinks bombing their homelands will make him more popular?

He really has been suckling at the BHL teat for much too long...

The only news event that has ever bumped Hollande's polling numbers was when he was caught out bumping that actress back in the spring.

Perhaps those invasions between the sheets are what Hollande does best. Forget the spurs, Fran├žois, and for God's sake, stop listening to that imbecile BHL!

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