Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nigeria celebrates first national ID card that is also a Mastercard!

Nigeria is a sad place getting sadder by many metrics, but the land of Goodluck is at the cutting edge of the latest bio-metric identity tracking technology.

Yes, Nigeria is the very first sovereign state in the world where your government issue ID also serves as your Mastercard!

Is that cool or what!? Talk about a brave new world of public-private partnership, or P3, as the trendies refer to it.

This could have some unfortunate consequences however. Will your credit score now determine the value of your citizenship?

Will your credit score be impacted by your record of supporting the correct political candidates?

Will being the holder of one of these new ID cards become the ultimate status symbol that separates the somebodies from the nobodies?

How long before the new card becomes the de-facto qualification for being a "citizen"?

Oh, it's a brave new world alright!

At least Goodluck and his corporate sponsors are not requiring citizens to have their biometric ID tattooed onto their foreheads...


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