Tuesday, September 16, 2014

US Army gives up war on terror, fights Ebola instead

Looks like the pin-heads at the Pentagon are going to try doing something useful for a change.

If all goes to plan, 3,000 US troops will find themselves in Liberia soon, fighting the Ebola virus. That would mark the first time since 1945 that the American military can be accused of doing something that could be helpful to humanity.

Such a 180 degree turn could have serious ramifications. If US forces are busy making friends instead of enemies, saving lives instead of wantonly wasting them, all sorts of unforeseen side-effects could soon follow. An America seen as virtuous would eventually slow down the international arms race as the rest of the world no longer fears the next random Yankee rampage through their sovereign states.

As military spending plummets around the world, money would become available for health care and housing and education!

This might get big... an era of global peace could be just around the corner!

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