Monday, September 8, 2014

Raping Somalia for fun and profit

When President Hassan Mohamud was elected in a highly dubious process (no popular vote was held) two years ago, his backers in the West were ecstatic. After 25 years in the wilderness, Somalia finally had the Moses who would lead his people to a future of peace, prosperity, and democracy.

That same circle of Mohamud cheerleaders in Western capitals were almost as ecstatic this week when a US Hellfire missile dispatched al-Shabab boss Ahmed Godane to his reward. It is as though these "terror" outfits exist only because some malevolent but charismatic personality has rallied a few malcontents to a cause, and peace will descend once that leader is eliminated.

The fact this strategy never works is no reason for the warmongers in the Nations of Virtue not to use it again and again and again. After all, to pursue a different strategy, like sitting down with these so-called terrorists and discussing their legitimate grievances, would involve conceding that they do indeed have legitimate grievances.

That's not a concession that the West is prepared to countenance.

Unfortunately for the deaf, dumb, and blind interventionists in those Western capitals, two related stories in their own media today serve as a brilliant recruiting campaign for the very terrorists we are supposedly fighting, or paying the African Union to fight.

The first concerns a UN report that implicates Somalia's Moses in a scheme to steal tens of millions in assets from the country.

The second is about a HRW report that accuses AU peace-keepers of systemic sexual exploitation of Somali women and girls.

Somalis understand the truth; the AU is an army of occupation and the President is a stooge of the West, and a crooked one at that. From that realization it is not a far reach to recognize that those so-called terrorists are resistance fighters, and that the real terrorists are the ones bought, paid for, and directed from London, Washington, and Paris.

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