Thursday, September 18, 2014

Australia terror hoax makes headlines worldwide

Yes, small children have been cowering in their mothers' arms all over Australia, terrified that those bad Mooslims were after their tiny perfect heads.

The story that Muslim extremists were about to embark on a beheading frenzy in the land down under made headlines around the world. The subsequent story that all but two of the alleged terrorists have already been released has gotten far less attention.

Beheading; oh my, what a newsworthy terror trope.

Here in Canada, we are no strangers to the bestial practice. Some dude riding a Greyhound had his head lopped off a few years ago. Before that, there was the Despres case in New Brunswick. Not a Muslim terror suspect in view in either case.

Nor are we in any way distraught that our besties in Saudi Arabia lop off heads every other day.

But when their proteges in the Islamic State follow their mentors' example, all hell breaks loose. America and the coalition of the arm-twisted will spend another trillion dollars and millions of (mostly Arab) lives eliminating this scourge of beheading from the face of the earth.

Ironically, the most vocal ally for the latest US war on Islam is France. That's a country in Europe that employed beheading as the official state sanctioned mode of capital punishment as recently as 1977.

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